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Moss Garden, Nicey-sur-Aire, 2011. Fog produced by a row of nozzles.
Installation view, Haus der Kunst Fujiko Nakaya. Nebel Leben, 2022
Fujiko Nakaya with fog nozzles, Ojika River, Japan, collaboration with Bill Viola, 1980

Fujiko Nakaya's fog sculptures are natural and artificial at the same time. The fog consists of pure water that is sprayed under high pressure from tiny nozzles, which are equipped with microscopic pins that atomize the water into ultra-fine droplets. Through the arrangement and spacing of the nozzles, Nakaya choreographs the shape of her fog sculptures. In doing so, she is aware that nature and the environment influence the sculpture and vice versa. The mist eventually evaporates and joins the natural water cycle outside. Inside, it is collected in large pools of water. Each sculpture is preceded by an intensive planning phase. Nakaya systematically researches the meteorological data on site, such as humidity, wind direction and speed, and temperature. The respective environment is not only an exhibition site, but a place that interacts with the artwork.